E1W Industrial Cable Gland


E1W Industrial Cable Gland

E1W industrial cable glands is also known as Weatherproof cable gland. Manufacturing and exporting high quality E1W industrial cable glands made from high grade raw material including free cutting brass, brass bs 2874, cz121 pb3 and any special material as per customer requirements. E1W cable gland is available with pvc shroud, lock nuts, earth tags, reducers, adaptors, etc as per customer requirements and specification. E1W industrial cable glands are ideal to use with all types of SWA extruded bedding cable where it is essential to produce IP 66 seal on to the outer sheath. E1W cable gland provide a seal on the inner sheath, a seal on the outer sheath and an armour specific armour clamp for armoured cable. Thermoplastic Elastomeric Rubber Gasket as seal material is ideal to use as a seal material. Operating temperature for E1W cable glands is standard seal -20 degree to +80 degree. It is available in standard sizes 20mm to 75mm (S/L) as well as customer size, dimension, material, thread and finishes as per customer specification and requirements.

Following are some of the different types of E1W Industrial Cable Gland we provide as per our capacity and availability.

E1W Industrial Cable Gland

E1W Industrial Cable Gland
  • Positive armour locking
  • Effective earth continuity
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Used for indoor and outdoor application
  • Available in EN 50262 : 1999 standard

Stainless steel, high grade ss steel, brass, free cutting brass, high grade brass, or any special material can be provided as per requirements.


METRIC, PG, UNEF, NPTF, NPT, BSP, BSPT, DIN, MM, BA, Metric and any special thread as per customer specification.

We can manufacture any type of E1W Industrial Cable Glands and export to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and other European countries as per customer specification and drawing. Please contact us or enquiry now to know more.